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Gemini DG-20 / RG-20

Designed to be used with dual-use applications, typically a dump trailer and live floor or goose neck


GPM @ given RPM  
900 17.5
1200 24.0
1500 30.5
Displacement (in3) 5.12
Displacement (cc) 84.3
PSI 2000



  • Field Adjustable dual pressure relief valve: low for dump trailer, high for other applications
  • Direct mount SAE “B” 4 bolt or twin shafted remote mount with bracket
  • Heavy duty roller bearings


  • Air Towers: Controls the pump/valve, PTO and the high/low pressure setting on the relief valve for the dual pressure.
  • Safety features include auto kickout to low pressure when PTO is disengaged
  • Optional safety latch PTO switch with auto kickout in lower positions.